ThinkOrSwim Earnings Scanner

Earnings catalysts present some of the most favorable opportunities for swing or day trading. Swiftly identifying stocks that have experienced significant reactions to their reports is crucial. Amid the peak of earnings seasons, there are days when hundreds of companies release their reports, making manual filtering a time-consuming process. To expedite this task, I have found that ThinkOrSwim serves as an excellent tool.

ThinkOrSwim boasts numerous advantages, including its exceptional screener functionality, which is remarkably comprehensive for a free program tailored to the retail trader. I utilize two distinct Earnings screeners within ThinkOrSwim, depending on whether the market is open or closed. During open market hours, I employ the “Earnings Today and Yesterday” screener. Given that most earnings calls take place post-market and pre-market, this screener allows me to compile a watchlist of all stocks that have released earnings within the past 24 to 36 hours during regular trading hours.

When preparing for the morning open prior to 9:30 AM EST, I use a separate scan called “Earnings Today and Tomorrow.”  This scan populates a list of stocks with earnings reports from both yesterday and today. Since the screener only works on the daily timeframe during pre-market the screener  recognizes TODAY as yesterday and TOMORROW as our current day. At 930 the scan will poplate different results. For further clarification, please refer to the screenshots provided below.

Earnings Scanner During Market Hours

plot var = hasearnings()[1] or hasearnings() ;

Earnings Scanner For PreMarket

hasearnings()[-1] or hasearnings()

Here is an image of the watchlist. During premarket hours I then sort by a header “Mark % Change”. This header captures % moves during pre and post market. If you use the default % change during afterhours it be based off the previous days % change.


In conclusion, capitalizing on earnings catalysts for swing or day trading requires quickly identifying stocks with significant reactions to their reports. ThinkOrSwim’s exceptional screener functionality simplifies this process, making it a valuable tool for retail traders. With two distinct Earnings screeners for open and closed market hours, traders can efficiently create watchlists for stocks that have released earnings within the past 24 to 36 hours. The “Earnings Today and Tomorrow” scan further aids in preparing for the morning open, offering a comprehensive list of stocks with earnings reports from both yesterday and today. With ThinkOrSwim, traders can navigate the complexities of earnings season more effectively and make informed decisions.